Friday, April 6, 2012


So, I told myself that I wasn't going to stress about the 40 lbs ( yes, F-O-R-T-Y!!.. i'm only 5 foot tall on a good day) I gained during pregnancy--that I, the queen of calorie counting and regular exercise, know exactly what it takes to lose it. And of course, I would do it. I wasn't going to use Sal as an excuse. No way, Uh-uh.

But OMG--apparently, having a baby makes regular exercise a luxury.

There are days in which I am so busy shhhhshing and changing diapers and rinsing bottles and playing with the boy, that I pop whatever is closest into my mouth and call it lunch. Who cares if it's half a sleeve of Ritz crackers?

I've avoided scales, and had only been weighed at my 6 week post-partum visit up until a week ago. At my 6 week visit, I had already lost 24 pounds, and my Doctor was very happy with the progress, as was I. I sat there thinking to myself, as she released me for regular exercise...this whole losing the baby weight thing is going to be a cinch now that I'm free to be active again.

But, my jeans, although they could be zipped up, looked like I was baking bread over the waist band. I ended up going out and buying a "big" pair a week or so later, just so I wouldn't feel like the Michelein man every time I bent over. The big pants were not one, but TWO sizes larger than my norm. I swallowed my pride, and paid the lady at the counter, praying these jeans would be falling off me shortly.

Well, a month has passed since that purchase, and I was brave enough to weigh in last week. I had halfway expected the scale to reflect a significant amount of weight loss, since I had been back to walking at least 45 minutes 3-4x a week with Sal...surely, since I added exercise, the weight should have melted away.

Such is not the case.

A measley 2 lbs lower than I was at 6 weeks post-baby.

And then..when I weighed myself again 2 days later ( to add insult to injury, maybe?), I was UP two lbs...meaning I hadn't lost ANY weight between weeks 6 and 10.

No bueno.

So, I vowed to myself to get back into structured workouts, not just walking. I have been doing's short workouts and mash-ups in the comfort of my living room, in ugly leggings and oversized T shirts, hoping none of my neighbors can see my feebile attempts at a "real" push-up. They're perfect for me, because most of them are bodyweight only, use very little props, and are between 12 and 20 minutes long...which is perfect since the boy tends to be a catnapper.

I've also commited to going back to cleaner eating during the week, meaning that breakfast is egg whites and oatmeal, lunch is a chicken breast, a potato ( or rice) and veggies, snacks are cottage cheese and fruits, and dinners are sensible. I realize since I am still nursing that I can't go gung-ho on the clean eats, but I can definitely stop lying to myself about the amount of processed crap I've been calling food.

I've got a friend, Amy ( and new mom) on board with me as we tackle #operationwearmyjeans, and I invite any other friends who are determined to get back into their cute jeans to join us. We can keep each other motivated. I admit, I am coming off of a year long hiatus from the gym...When first pregnant, I just had no motivation to go--I'd rather sleep..Then as pregnancy progressed, I got put on restriction, which included no workouts.

So, needless to say, I have a long way to go, and my goal is not only to lose the remaining pregnancy weight, but also regain some muscle and endurance. I've got 14 lbs to go..So who's in with us?


  1. Yes! I'd love to read about other people getting in on it - I can always use the motivation. Getting in a workout with an infant in the house is not easy!

    Also, my blog is only private because my work wouldn't let me maintain a public blog that my employees could read so if anyone wants to follow on just leave a comment here with your email address and I'll send an invite.

  2. I'm in!!! I need to buckle down and do it!!! No better time to start than now!! Xoxo jenna

  3. sounds awesome, I will do it too.

  4. Lol! I remember telling O that as soon as Neil was born I was going to dust off the bow flex....yep, a year later and I still haven't touched it! I would really like to Join you!

  5. My son is 10 weeks old and I've been working out since he was 5.5 weeks. Yet the weight won't budge! Those last 10lbs love my body, and like you I had to buy 2 sizes bigger than usual. I go back to work this week and it's frustrating having to buy all new pants when I have a closet full that I can't fit into. My goal is to lose 6lbs by mid May for my sister's wedding. Considering that was my goal 4 weeks ago and the weight hasn't moved, I'm a bit worried!