Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Harness Covers

Houston, we have a slobberer.
The most recent casualty?

Our poor carseat harness covers.
They get spit up on and slobbered on daily.

Assuming this whole slobbering mess is going to stick around a while, I combatted it by making some shoulder pads to switch out whenever they get wet & smelly.

Baby slobber smells, just sayin.

They are simple to make, using scraps of fabric that many of us have laying around.
-   8.5" x 11.5" polar fleece
-   17" x 23" cotton print
-   8 inches of Velcro
-   Velcro glue
-   sewing machine
-   scissors
-   thread
My measurements are for a Chicco Keyfit carseat, but I think most harnesses are the same width.

CORRECTION: cut (2) from fleece. Cut (4) from print.

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