Saturday, April 28, 2012

Forget the 5lb bass..We have a 13lb boy

Have you ever heard the Robert Earl Keen song, "five pound bass"? It's one of NZ and my all time favorite songs, and today I went skipping around the house with Sal in my arms singing the song but substituting 13 lb boy for the 5lb bass.


THIRTEEN pounds. Holy moly!

Time to bust out the next size of his diapers.

I love guessing what he will weigh when we go in for his well baby visits. I was spot on with my guess this week. He is growing like a weed...gaining a pound and a half and growing just under an inch since his last check 4 weeks ago. He measured just under 25" today.

He was unbelievably cool, calm and collected . He spent most of the appointment sitting in NZ's lap, smiling and gnawing on that fist of his. ( forget pacifiers...he loves his hands!). We saw a different doc than usual today, and he complimented us on how mellow Salvatore was during his exam. It was a stark contrast to our last visit in which Sal screamed to the high Heavens through most of the exam. The only tears today came with his shots---and c'mon, you gotta admit, that's pretty traumatizing to a little guy. He was quite the trooper.

Without further adieu, our 13 lber...

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