Sunday, April 22, 2012

#operationwearmyjeans: weigh in

Well, despite doing better with consistent walking and better food choices last week, I can't claim any lbs lost since last week. I guess the good news is that the scale didn't go up--but...still....I was hoping for at least a pound to keep the motivation going. I guess for now, I'll have to use my two sizes larger than usual shorts as a reminder to stay motivated.

No workouts for the week. ZERO. Zilch, Nada. My exercise consisted of walking on the treadmill every night after Sal was down for bedtime. I would have liked to have taken him on walks since it was gorgeous out--but for some reason he screamed everytime he had to go anywhere in his carseat. I tried the baby Bjorn for a short walk while my sister was here, but it really put pressure on my already sore back. I don't think I will be logging any long walks on the beach with him in the bjorn.

My goal for next week is to keep up the nightly walking and eat more vegetables.

Easy enough, right?


  1. Be gentle on yourself....the weight loss will come, it will, I promise ;) It was hard for me too, but once it started coming off, I melted! You will too!!!!

    It's hard trying to eat correctly, exercise and take care of an infant, so be good to yourself :)

    Big hugs!

  2. Sister is down .8 lbs, that's something right?

    Love you

  3. Check out the Beco Gemini ( I love it. I tried a Baby Bjorn and it killed my back. The Beco's are way better designed and have great weight distribution. My daughter is 18 pounds and I can carry her for two hrs in the Beco without back pain.

  4. thanks! the beco is cute to boot!