Friday, April 27, 2012

Morning routine

Every morning, we wake up to the sound of a little boy babbling away in his bedroom. As soon as he locks eyes on us, he gives a smile that will melt a million hearts.

Hi mom! I'm ready to hit the floor running!

After we unswaddle him, he does his signature stretch to ready himself for a tough day of playing under his jungle gym, taking walks in the stroller, and swinging in his swing while singing songs with his mom.

Ahhhhh, free at last, free at last!

Life is good.


  1. I love that moment of unswaddling him and watching him stretch.. he does it every time w/out fail. Looking forward to seeing this handsome boy tomorrow

    xoxo Auntie

  2. He is soooooo handsome! I know this is a somewhat random comment for the post, but hey that's all I've got. LoL Sending you hugs and lots of love ;O)