Sunday, April 29, 2012

How will we roll? The stroller debate

One might think that with an impending move, that I'm super focused on  dotting all of our i's and crossing all of our t's as we close up shop here and move abroad. Thankfully, my ol man has us covered ( bragtime: I really really love that he is even more organized and my favorite word, "me-ti-cu-lous" than I am), so I can focus on what's really important.... STROLLERS.

Yep. That's what's most important in my world these days. Browsing the internets during my  nursing sessions every know, inbetween texting Amy with the usual.." How's naptime going for you?" "I put him down five minutes ago, can I claim a naptime victory?" followed by " Nap Fail.He's up again!"..My ipad browser is currently overloaded with websites dedicated to strollers and stroller reviews. I just can't decide what kind I want.

Do I go with a bare bones umbrella that I don't care if it gets jacked? Or do I fork out money on a hi-falutin-bells-and-whistles ride like the Uppababy VISTA and install an alarm system and GPS tracking for when it ultimately gets stolen? There's probably a whole stolen stroller ring out there these days...just like the bike rings in Davis, where I sadly had 3 bikes dissapear.

I asked facebook friends what they're pushing these days, and many good suggestions were made. The Uppababy VISTA was by far the fave, followed by a BOB jogger ( too big for China), the Britax B-ready and a few others like Teutonia and CitiJogger Select.

I'd like to keep our pricepoint under $400, which apparently isn't very easy when stroller shopping. I am amazed that some of the systems cost upwards of $1000 dollars.. For a stroller, really?! Those wheels better be made of gold, and seats of imported italian leather for that much money.

Britax Bready

In the lead right now, is the Britax B-Ready. It's just under $400, and I  like that it is adaptable for a growing family. It is also available by brand name in China. None of that off label $h!t. The citijogger select also offers the same type of options, and looks to be a bit more compact than the Britax, but the reviews aren't as good. It rings in at $500, but has better tires for different terrain.
 My stroller use will be primarily sidewalks and streets, and since it's China, with a zillion and a half people, I'm thinking the more compact, the better. The citijogger is the most compact one that I have come across.

I've also searched on the website and which are both chinese shopping sites, and found a couple contenders there. There's a whole off label stroller business over there, but from what I have researched, the prices aren't  that much different for the off labels than they are here for real thing ( with instructions in English)...Consensus is that they run about 20% less than the US versions, but who knows about the quality of fabrics etc til we see them in person.

Either way, we'll check out what Chinese brands have to offer...These two are my favorite thus far.
Vigorkids "viki" stroller. My top chinese contender.
Goodbaby citi. Second Chinese contender

I'm really antsy to get him into a real stroller, that can face every which way. He is such a social butterfly, and really loves to see the World around him. Unlike me, a wallflower, I think my son is going to be quite gregarious. He has a smile for all the pretty ladies, and is quite taken aback by what the men are doing. Last week I visited my mom at her work, and he stared ( quite creepily might I add) at the man sitting behind my mom eating ribs for lunch. We all laughed, but I had to tell him that staring is creepy, lol.

Sal, don't be that guy.

I think that once he can see what's up ahead in an upright stroller, our outings will be longer and more pleasant. He's a pretty good sport in his keyfit carseat, but I'm sure that staring at the sky waiting for a bird to fly by gets pretty boring after a few minutes...We've tried the Bjorn, and as I said in my previous post, it hurts my back after a while..

I'm curious as to what feedback my readers have on stroller likes and dislikes. What are some must have "options" or "bells and whistles"? Anyone wanna share what stroller NOT to get, so I can cross some off the list?

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  1. You should get an ERGO carrier! they are designed for the parent unlike the Bjorn, much better. I like the Britax B ready personally