Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TWENTY SIX weeks & overkill

How many weeks? 26

How am I feeling? What a week! On Monday night I woke up with cramping contractions every hour after we went to bed. I laid low on Tuesday morning, drinking tons of water, and lying on my left side. I felt better by noon (no contractions at all), so I went on an errand, and when I was out and about, I had a couple more cramping contractions which prompted me to call my OB to try and move my Thursday appointment to Tuesday, for peace of mind.

Instead, I got a callback from the on-call Doc, who tells me to go directly to L&D and to bring an overnight bag-- WTF?! I thought it was overkill, but went anyways. You guys didn't really think I could make it 37 weeks without a trip to L&D now, did you? You're talking to the Queen of Worry over here!

[The view from LDR7]

So, I found myself in L&D for monitoring for most of Tuesday afternoon, and thankfully, I showed no signs of active labor, and it would be highly unlikely that I will go into labor in the next 2 weeks. A combination of dehydration, accidentally drinking a highly-caffeinated beverage in the late afternoon on Monday ( Apparently Sunkist Sparkling Lemonade has more caffeine than Diet pepsi? Well, blow me down! Now I know) and having some bladder pressure on my uterus was causing the contractions. Phew! I listened to the boy for a good 2 hours, his little heartbeat just thumping away without a care in the World. I showed no signs of pre-eclampsia, and all exams came back good as gold. I got released and told that I need to slow down activity even more. Good thing I am done working at the end of the month.

Doctor’s Appointment? I saw the on-call Doc on Tuesday at the hospital ( I shall refer to as Dr. lack-of-personality) and then my regular OB on Thursday. Everything went well on Thursday even though Dr. lack-of-personality never told my ob that he had seen me..Some communication would have been appreciated..

Workouts? Nope.

Sleep? Pretty good except for Monday night. No crazy dreams like last week--I sorta miss them.

Weight Gain? 20 lbs. My ob said she's happy with my gains, and we're aiming for 10-15 more by the time the boy gets here. Hard to believe a non-pregnant version of me actually weighed more than this while in college.

Baby Preparation? I bought hangars to hang some clothes I was given. Exciting, right? We're also heading to BRU this weekend to do a registry, since baby shower invites are being mailed super soon. I still have 4 more weeks on my self imposed "no purchases before 30 weeks" and I intend to stick to it as best as I can, but it is getting harder! There are so many cute boy things out there right now.


Likes? Making it another week. Seeing my belly button on the verge of popping out. Any day now...and still, no new stretch marks.

Dislikes? Not being able to be as active as I would like. Being home bound most of the week, feeling like a goon for not being productive..But, it is what it is, and I'll do whatever it takes. Gives me time to get some craft projects done--the hardest part about those is having to clean up after myself when I am done. I can just see NZ coming home from a long workday, to a house that got hit by the craft-project-bomb. Glitter everywhere! LOL.


  1. I gave in and bought the boy something this week even though she was following the "not gonna buy til 30 weeks" rule... just had to do it


  2. she meaning I.. Blogger won't let me edit my above post.

  3. 26 weeks! Yea! I remember at 17 weeks I was having cramping and I called my ob's office and they called me back and sent me straight to l&d. I was expecting "just come in and we will check and do a quick listen"...not "we want you to go over to the hospital immediately".

    Glad everything is well with baby boy and with you!!

  4. Danae, I guess because of both of our histories of preterm loss, they err on the side of caution-I rather have that then have them blow me off, so I suppose I shouldn't complain..just hoping it's my last visit before baby!