Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apple Slab

Ahhh, fall.

I love you.

..and your apples.

I decided I needed to make our house smell fall-ish by baking something...
...with apples..

I have had a King Arthur Apple Slab Recipe "pinned" ( Have I mentioned I might have a little pinterest problem?? Uhm, yeah--love that site!) for about a month now, and I would start my fall baking extra-curriculars with this delicious looking dessert.

There are so many great apple varieties out there.. I went with granny smiths (plus they were on sale for 49 cents/ lb at Sprouts) for this project because I love the
tartness of them.

Pictured below: Apple slices layered over pastry crust ( store bought, I cheated) and panko crumbs, then covered in a sugar cinnamon mixture.

Next step, cover with top layer of pastry crust and pierce top randomly to let steam escape.


Drizzle maple or apple cider glaze while still warm.

Slice and serve.

Welcome Fall!