Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I am a bit behind, this post should have been posted on Fri, Oct 14th..

How many weeks? 25

How am I feeling? Some mornings I wake up wondering how I got this far already. Thankfully, time seems to be flying. I am still having my moments and hours of uncertainty ( I admit to poking and prodding the belly to try and get him to move for me, which ALWAYS puts my mind at ease). Physically, I am drained. My hips are back to aching all day, and I am finding myself gassed after a simple trip to the market. But, above all else, I welcome the aches, pains, headaches and tiredness...cause you know, I'm like-totally-growing-a-baby!!

Doctor’s Appointment? I had one with my MFM, where we learned all is well. No growth restriction evident. HUGE sigh of relief. This coming week I see my OB, and hopefully all continues to go well. According to my MFM, he weighs about 1 lb 10 oz this week, which is well within normal range.

Workouts? Just getting through the workday is a workout.

Sleep? Getting plenty of it. Had a dream last night that was hilarious..NZ and I were in Vegas on some guided tour, and a PR rep for the concert venue at Caesar's approached me and told me that because of my "tweet" about Stevie Wonder (WTF?!) he was whisking us away in a private limo to have front and center seats at Stevie's concert that night. LOL. You know, after waking up and thinking about it, we totally woulda' gone, even though I can't claim to know much more about him other than the fact that he is a blind musician that sings "I just say...I luuuu-uv you". I woke up with a case of the giggles which probably wasn't as funny to my ol man at 4:00 a.m. I actually had to get out of bed and go in the living room until my fit of giggles and snorts was over with.

Weight Gain? 20 lbs just crept up on me, couldn't be the donut runs we've taken, now, could it?

Baby Preparation? Well, I finally decided on a baby shower theme and ok'd the invite for the shower my sister, sis-in-law and mom have offered to throw for us. They're all so crafty, and I love the theme they chose! We need to get off our butts and make the trek to Babies-R-Us to register. I know I swore, no planning till 30 weeks, but in all reality this boy could make an early appearance, AND, my shower will be held around 30 we HAVE to go do it soon. We're trying to keep our list down to necessities, which will hopefully make it easier.


Likes? Seeing the smile on my ol man's face when the ultrasound tech told us how much they think the boy weighs right now. Also, just the fact that I am still carrying a living baby. There have been soooo many moments during this pregnancy that I didn't think I would see 25 weeks, and here we are...staring down the barrel of 26 weeks, and 70% viability at this point.

Dislikes? The moods. I feel like a 2 year old sometimes..Even making a simple decision such as what to eat for lunch can seem so overwhelming that I cry. Silly, I tell ya!


  1. I look at this picture and can't help but smile!

  2. Wooo hoooo!! 25 weeks!! So excited for you, mama!!!

  3. BIG HUGS and Happy 25! Sending lots of Love to you and baby boy ;o)