Friday, October 28, 2011

Corn Dogs-PW style

I've been a follower of Pioneer Woman's domestic blog ( find it here), and I have attempted a number of her favorite one is this one for Cinnamon Rolls, they are to die for! When I saw a pinterest post of homemade corn dogs, and found that it was actually a re post from the PW blog, I got all the goods to make them with my corn-dog lovin' husband.

And they looked beautiful...and we were soooo sooo excited...
We went a little overboard and made the whole package of hot dogs...NZ said he would reheat them at work all week for lunch..

..and we filled some with cheese... gooey melty cheese....
..But guess what?

They weren't the corn dogs of our dreams. Although they cooked up a nice golden brown, and looked the real deal, the taste of the batter was do I put it?


They weren't inedible, but they certainly weren't worth sacrificing calories for.

I don't know where we went wrong, maybe because we used light Bisquick instead of krusteaz brand pancake mix, or maybe we're just picky. I'd never consider myself a corn dog connoisseur, but I do know that our trial of PW's corn dogs ended up in the trash.

Probably better for our arteries, anyways, but boy oh boy were we let down.

Anyone have a good corn dog batter recipe they want to share?

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