Sunday, October 30, 2011


How many weeks? 27

How am I feeling? Apparently I totally missed the boat on a second trimester energy surge, because I'm now entering my third trimester without any excess energy in sight! I am thanking my lucky stars that I made the decision to "retire" early from work, and Halloween is my official last day after 6 years working for the Doctor. People ask me what I am going to do to keep myself busy--I can answer that easily--SLEEP! I've also been super nervous again, keeping myself up at night swearing that he isn't moving enough. Call me crazy!

Doctor’s Appointment? Not for another 2 weeks.

Workouts? If you heard me breathing after climbing a flight of stairs to the office--you'd think I just ran a 100 yd dash, but nope--it's just me...out of shape. This is a change for me since I have always prided myself on being fit!

Sleep? More, please. This week introduced a 3rd pillow to my arsenal of sleeping provisions. Thank you, NZ for so graciously sharing the bed with all of us.

Weight Gain? 22 lbs

Baby Preparation? We're waitlisted for a 3 part series "what to expect" course at the local hospital for December, and I signed us up for a tour of the actual hospital we will deliver at. I'm debating even taking the class--since consensus out there is that it's stuff we probably know already. I have time to waffle for a while longer--so if we get in, great, if we don't--ah well.

When my internetless granny found out we had our registry set up, she instructed my sister to go online and buy us our infant car seat--so, thank you granny! She was afraid someone else would buy it before her, haha.
I also perused etsy quite a bit on one of my days off, and I am in love with all things houndstooth and herringbone patterned these days..Especially grays, navy blues, aquaish blues.. Is aqua-ish a word? I think so! I found this boppy cover for sale on etsy and LOVE. I thought about making one myself, and probably will, however, finding gray hounds tooth fabric online has turned up a whole lotta nothing. I went to bite the bullet, not to mention break my rule, and order this one pictured below...and lo and behold--it SOLD already. BOooooooo!

[Photo belongs to: Kidzcraftz on etsy]

I will have to keep searching for the fabric, and if not, maybe I can find gray herringbone instead. I just like the simplicity of gray and white together. And houndstooth and herringbone prints are classic and gentleman like, right?


Likes? My mah & sis came to visit me after my sis not seeing me since 16 weeks, and my mom since 18 weeks--I love my family! I also like that we made it to the 3rd trimester this week, and we're in the homestretch, baby! There have been soooo many days, bad dreams, worries that I wouldn't make it this far--and although we have a ways to go still, and anything can happen, I feel so fortunate to be where we are today.

Dislikes? The lack of energy and appetite some days. One errand to the market, and I am pretty much done being productive for the day. This is so not my style usually! But, I can't complain--he's growing!


  1. Yea for a growing boy! I completely understand the lack of energy going on...I didn't feel like I got much energy back in the 2nd trimester either. Then the 3rd was just that much worse for me.

    I'm jealous that you are still in bed! I think I was already sleeping on the couch at 27 weeks because I was so dang uncomfortable! Cameron is 6 weeks old and I just now got to move back to the bed! lol!

    I'm glad things are still going well!

  2. I love your Halloween costumes! Very clever!

  3. Yay for a big healthy boy!! Btw, you are not out of shape because you are pregnant and winded by doing little things.... That little man is squishing everything inside of you, and it can make it a little hard to catch your breath sometimes! You are in GREAT shape, and are one of the fittest preggos I've seen! I wish I looked as amazing as you do.

    So happy everything is going well!! 27 weeks! It's just wonderful!!!

  4. You look GREAT!!

    Oh yeah, I huff and puff walking up the 3 flights of stairs at work! :-)

  5. Have you heard of the Snoogle? It was my best friend through my pregnancy and even my husband enjoyed it:

    Also, have you tried going to pre-natal yoga classes? It's not much of a workout but instead a relaxation environment where the teachers know exactly how to prop you up on 18 pillows to make you comfortable. You also get to commiserate with other preggos about your aches, pains, and worries.