Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cross it off the list

[NZ weilding the "gun" on our Friday night date to BRU]

Yes! We reached another "milestone" with this pregnancy. Not only are baby shower plans underway ( Thanks sis, mom & Charlee!) for the boy, but NZ and I also got our butts out to Babies-R-Us and registered for some necessities.

I know it isn't exactly a milestone of development or anything like that, but for me, it's a point that I was hoping that we would reach with this pregnancy, and we did!

Moving forward, one foot at a time...and I am starting to believe that we will actually get to reach all the milestones this time around.

Also occurring this week--the long-awaited, but-never-looking-forward-to, 1 hour glucose tolerance test. Blech. I did it this morning, and it was disgusting. I better have passed!

And while we're on a roll of reaching for the stars here, I actually did some planning ( gasp!) for labor and delivery classes today...oh, and a tour of the maternity ward. We start classes next week, to get ourselves familiar with different laboring techniques and spousal support ( go team, go!) for one another. I know I was anti- planning, but it's been brought to our attention that the little man might make his appearance via natural birth, rather than the c-section I had been preparing myself for. It's all still p for debate, but we really should be prepared for either circumstance. I'd hate to be the lady in labor, thinking "I should ^*%#$! have taken a childbirth course...", so here we go. If anything, NZ and I will get some good laughs out of the experience.

So there you have it...I eat my words. We have started preparing ( and I admit, it feels a little bit exciting, and a little bit good!).


  1. It's A LOT exciting and A LOT good!! :)

  2. Make sure to get a bjorn with lumbar support (or an ergo) though. This kid's gonna be big!

  3. It IS very exciting, precisely because it is becoming more and more like a reality this time. And I totally agree about the Ergo recommendation above (it is hands down the most comfortable baby carrier that I have tried).