Thursday, October 13, 2011

Closet dividers: tutorial

Last week I mentioned that I had made closet dividers for the boy's closet. What I failed to mention was that my first attempt was a complete and utter disaster. I had purchased these balsa wood door hangars with the idea that my ol man and I cut cut them down, and hang from the closet rod by popping the rod out of the little cups that hold it in on either side..

Note to self: Our closet rods do not pop out as easily as one might think--in fact, they don't pop out at all, because they run through a support board midway through the closet.

Bum deal. Good thing the balsa wood door hangars were only 49 cents each..because they found a home in my craft pile graveyard.

Time to improvise... I ended up using the scrapbook paper I had purchased to cover the balsa wood hangars to make round dividers more like you'd find at a department store.

Here's how:

..slip on your closet rod..and Congrats, you're now as OCD as I am...

and yes, you caught me..I haven't had time to label them with size stickers yet, so through the beauty of picnik photo editing, I added them so you get the gist..

Grand total: $1.00 (bought scrapbook paper at 5 for $1 on sale)


  1. Now I never had dividers but I always hung up the babe's clothes in size order. Now that they are older I organize them from tank tops to short sleeve, long sleeve, skirts, pants, dresses and then of course I do that according to color. Yes my closet is the same. OCD must run in the family! Had I been aware of my ability to be crafty I probably would have done that with their closets too. I love it!


  2. the question is, are you going to organize them based on what size the label says they are, or what size the outfit really is? :) You'd think they'd have standard sizes for teeny people.