Friday, October 7, 2011

TWENTY FOUR weeks & uncharted territory

How many weeks? 24. I am officially the most pregnant I have ever been. I did the math last week, and I had thought I lost Denise at 25 weeks, but I actually delivered her at 24 weeks...So this is uncharted territory, although NZ reminds me that we never felt our little girl kick and move, so we hit uncharted territory a while ago with this one..Oh, and he says I am much bigger this time around ( said with love, of course)..And boy does it feel good.

How am I feeling? Anxious. Nervous. Excited. Relieved. ( I know, how does worry and relief go together, but it is seriously a pendulum of emotions on any given day). Last night I slept aweful. I have had 3 consecutive nights of nightmares about the baby not making it. Thankfully at about 4 a.m. this morning, I awoke due to a swift kick to the bladder, followed by about 5 minutes of him adjusting himself. I literally laid in bed thanking my lucky stars, because as of bedtime last night I was convinced that reaching 24 weeks was my nemesis.

Doctor’s Appointment? I have one in a few days with our MFM. We will get a chance to see him on ultrasound again.

Workouts? I went to the gym on Tuesday morning and lifted light biceps and shoulders, followed by about 30 minutes of walking.

Sleep? Terrible. Thank you, nightmares for keeping me up at all hours!

Weight Gain? Not sure. Was 16 lbs last week.

Baby Preparation? I made closet dividers for the baby's clothes. Can we say OCD? Tutorial coming soon.


Likes? Chicken soup. NZ and I made a batch this week and have been enjoying it all week. Next week we're looking forward to Albondigas. I'm trying to up my protein intake. Other likes?? Switching to a part time work schedule. I am only working 3 days a week till the end of October, which gives me time to rest the two days I am off.

Dislikes? Dare I say it? The fact that my butt is growing wider! I know it's all part of pregnancy, but up till now I have been mostly all belly, and now I am finding that this mama is growing a booty too. Despite becoming bootylicious, I am happy to put on whatever weight necessary to get this boy home healthy and well. We'll have plenty of time to hit the streets for a run after he arrives.


  1. Can't believe you are already 24 weeks--congrats on the big milestone! You look AMAZING!

  2. Omg I must see you very soon. I will agree with NZ, you look great! This boy is gonna know how loved he is
    Auntie steph

  3. You look wonderful Mama! And kudo's to you for embracing the weight gain :)

    As for the emotional turmoil, its awful and you do go from anxiety ridden to calmed to grateful and then back to worried. It's exhausting! But, feeling movement is the most wonderful thing and would always ease my worry...for a minute or two ;)

    Much love to you and prayers as you journey across the finish line.