Sunday, August 23, 2009

Play ball!!!! ( or eat one)

I had left over MMF base in my fridge, and rather than snitching some every morning to get my sugar fix, I decided I should put it to use. I made a batch of mini cupcakes Pillsbury Yellow cake mix. I used a buttercream frosting and my left over fondant. Unfortunately, after starting my Sunday project, I realized I was sans mini-cupcake liners, so these were made without a wrapper. Tacky, I know. But when I girl wants to bake, a girl wants to bake.
Note to self: By mini liners!
Here's how they were made.
Step 1: Roll out fondant onto a nonstick mat with a wash of powdered sugar( I use my cutting mat) with either a silicone rolling pin or a pin covered in powdered sugar.

Step 2: Using a Circular fondant cutter the same circumfrence as the cupcake, cut out circles to top the cupakes with.

Step 3: Lightly frost the cupcakes with a thin layer of buttercream frosting to help the MMF adhere to the shape of the cupcake.

Step 4: Place MMF cutout on top of cupcake and press down lightly. Clean up any buttercream that may have oozed out the sides.

Step 5: Using a Wilton #2 tip, pipe the "stitching" of the baseball onto the MMF covered cupcake.
Hope they're a home run with NZ's fellow employee's tomorrow!

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  1. Sis
    they look great. I love 'em. I start class on 9/8.. Course I. Kim is taking it with me, 4 weeks.