Sunday, August 9, 2009


I'll blog more later about my best weekend ever with some of my best friends ever ( & forever), but wanted to get my Kermit cake up here for those of you who have been hearing me talk about my experience with MMF and all things green, marshmallowy and sweet for the past week.

As expected, Miss Jen LOOOVED the cake ( or at least she acted so in a very convincing way) and it made me smile ear to ear knowing that my friend was jazzed about her Birthday cake.

And today as they left, the remaining eyeball and cheek of Kermit travelled with them, in a happy little Tupperware that will hopefully be empty by the time they reach homebase. Cause we all know that girls need their sugar..That's what makes us so stinkin' sweet!


  1. Best weekend and cutest cake ever, and so tasty!!!

  2. that is an awesome cake! I hope that Jen+Sara did not get pulled over by the cops as the driver was trying to shove an eyeball in her mouth...