Monday, August 3, 2009


NZ and I stepped out into the world last night.

I should clarify, a different world.
Different than anything we would ever choose to do on our own accord, but since we were invited, and we looove the people who extended the invite, we decided to try something "new" for us.

We attended a muscial.

Yes, a real live muscial. ( "Guys and Dolls", starring Beau Bridges and Jessica Biel..believe me, if I had binoculars I'd be searching that first row for J.T.)

At the Hollywood Bowl, none the less.

So, how was our first experience at something that could actually classify us as gaining some well-rounded-ness and that word...culture?? ( Okay, it's a stretch, but I'm grabbing!) Might we actually be becoming adults?

The ones we used to poke fun at?

I had this thought in my head as we were driving down the 101.. that OMG, we're actually going to do something artsy...and even more surprised that NZ was the one who suggested we go along with our friends...Artsy usually isn't our forte.

We had a nice picnic dinner and people watched before the show. We enjoyed some sandwiches and wine ( aerated, which was even more adult like!) with our friends before taking up our seats. It was a gorgeous night.I came to realize there's a little bit of everything at these musicals that are put on at the Bowl. You've got the "need-a-walker" crowd, the "I'm addicted to plastic surgery" crowd, the young "Hollywood wanna be" crowd ( Starbucks or Evian in hand), and the artist crowd ( pronounced: are-teest) who sing along with the National Anthem and all the other songs sing in the muscial ( which, I always thought that was rude, am I wrong? )

And then you've got US.

Me and NZ.

We busted out diet orange soda and potato chips amidst all the wine, cheese, Evian and gourmet brownies in the crowd. Classy, I know.

Any way you look at it, it was definitely a whole new group of people we've not been subjected to much of, in our lifetime. Although it was different, and a learning experience, I enjoyed myself, and I have to admit... I left the Bowl thinking I probably wouldn't kick NZ out of bed for suggesting we attend another event there in the future. Preferably a concert.

Country to be precise.

But, I'd do a muscial again too, cause, a girl like me could probably use a little more culture.

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  1. That sounds like fun! I've always thought that country music (or diet soda, or whatever you're thinking of as more "you" than musicals)and things you might make fun of for being "cultural" should totally go together! 'Course maybe I'm just defending myself since I like Starbucks and don't mind museums! Haha!