Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

Hi my name is Brie, and yes, I am a 31 (almost 32 year old) that watches an tween television show...and guess what? I like it.

ABC Family introduced a show to tweens that captured my heart..Finally, a television show about gymnasts! I'm talking about the series "Make it or Break it" on Monday nights.

So super excited about the prospect of a good gymnastics show, I couldn't wait for the premier. When it actually aired, I was a bit uninterested. For one, the only cast member that looks remotely like an elite gymnast is Kailie. The others, well...sorry girls, you're all cute and not fat by any means, but you're built more like a college gymnast at best, with those lady lumps. They don't fit the 16 year old elite gymnast cookie cutter mold. Hey I'm not hatin',I'm just sayin'.

My other initial issue with the show was obviously the gymnastics skill level. Yeah right, a Roundoff Flipflop Layout is an elite level final tumbling pass haha..more like a level 7 final pass, but elite gymnast, no way! I understand, stunt doubles do the work, and I would actually like to know which ex gymnasts got the lucky job to be a stunt double for a gymnastics series..What an awesome job to go to every day.

I suffered through the first episode, pretty much writing the program off...until I caught a promo for the next episode, and it had me curious as to what was going to happen. So, of course, curiosity got the best of me and I watched episode #2 and have been hooked on their tweeny drama ever since.

"Make it or Break It" has filled my Monday nights and DVR recordings for the past few months and I was so sad for the season finale last night.

SO, there you have it, my guilty pleasure is a tween show.

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