Friday, August 28, 2009

Fast forward

Dear Universe,

If there is any way you can fast forward the next week and half so we're past what was to be my due date, I'd really appreciate it. This whole " I should be" thought process is really hampering my ability to enjoy things these days. I'd rather be complaining about swelling feet, or braxton hicks, or worrying about labor than to be sitting here thinking about the baby that I won't be meeting next week.

So, uhm yeah, if you find a way to fast forward, I'd appreciate it. I'll even bake you a cake.




  1. I've known that feeling before...:-(

  2. Dear Universe,
    She prob'ly didn't want to brag, but I thought you should know Brie makes really good cakes, so it would be in your best interest to grant the request...
    xx Sara

  3. My heart aches. You know I have been there too. I love you girl!!!

  4. all I can do is send you my love. If I could make this week fast foward I would.. you know I would do it for you.