Sunday, August 16, 2009

Emmeline Apron

I did it!

I actually followed the directions step by step and managed to sew together a pretty kick-ass apron.

A while back I had the urge to make a retro apron, scoured apron patterns at Jo-Ann's and on the net, and kept going back to one particular site "Sew-Liberated" and their "Emmeline" Apron. I liked it because a) it looked simple enough, b) it was reversible ( double plus) and I think pretty much anyone could wear it regardless of size. So, three pro's and no con's other than the price of the pattern later, I found myself whipping out the CC and entering my shipping addy.

Then it arrived...

One thing I really like about it is that it's not your typical pattern on tissue paper.. instead it's printed on nice heavy white draftsman's paper. HEARTY, STURDY, INDESTRUCTIBLE..well maybe not indestructible, but it's definately able to take a beating without tearing..

I finally had some free time amidst a summer of houseguests yesterday and decided that I was not going to cook or clean, but instead have a Brie-day which kicked off with a trip to the gym and the squat rack...followed up by a lengthy visit to JoAnn's for fabric.

I already had fabric here at home that I had planned on making baby burp cloths with, but now that our fortune has changed, my project desires have as well. A lot of the fabric I had purchased was mod/retro and would be perfect for the aprons..however, I needed contrast fabric (solid) for the trim and a coordinating fabric for the reverse side. I can somehow always find a reason to buy more fabric than I really need. It's very hard to say no to a pretty piece!

Jo-Ann's has their own line of fabrics for a fraction of the cost of the Debbie Munn prints that I really like, and I can't tell a HUGE difference in quality when using them for a project such as this. I'd never make a quilt with them, but as far as aprons and fun projects, I'm all about the discount line.

So, an afternoon of sewing produced the cutest apron ever..and I think if I get my butt in gear and chores done early today, there may be a second apron in the works..


  1. So cute!! We had a weekend w/ working out and getting crafty too (although my crafts were baking-related... same fun!)