Thursday, August 6, 2009

Green Day

Today was a day of green.
Let's see...
TWO diet pepsi limes during my workday ( yeah, I know the stuff will kill ya, but whatever. It's good, no?)

Came home and jumped right into green fondant..working on Miss Jen's birthday cake...My fingers and half my kitchen were covered in the green stuff...

Finally finished the cake, which by the way is hilarious looking...not as professional or as perfect as I had hoped, but it was my first time working with marshmallow fondant ( aka. MMF). Instead of looking like one of her favorite green characters, it looks like it needs special Ed. But that's okay, because it was made with love and she knows it. The unveiling will be tomorrow night..I am so so excited to have her and ma'am visiting!

So, to wind down ( after vacuuming, washing doormats and begging NZ to wash my car for me), I decided to continue the green theme with my newly discovered (thanks to camping a few weeks back with the Flame & co. crew) favorite beer..

Dude, is it wrong that one of my favorite things is not necessarily how it tastes (it's good!) but that the tab top is green? I wanna pull them all off and save them..For what? I do not know..but the urge is there to pull every stinkin one off..Oh, and BTW, My pop would approve, because it's a Budweiser.

One of the most memorable "talks" I have had with my pop was at a wedding reception, where I was getting a beer at the bar, and he walks up, takes the beer from my hand, and says, " No daughter of mine will drink a Coors." and handed me a budlight. It's been engrained in my heart and head ever since...

I am my father's daughter...

Only now with a hint of lime.

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