Tuesday, December 17, 2013

WIC cookie exchange

I keep mentioning WIC in my posts, but rarely remember to take pictures from the events we attend. Last week, WIC hosted a holiday cookie exchange at my friend Heather's apartment. 

The cool thing about having a cookie exchange with an international club, is all the truly traditional cookies and sweets we get to sample. For this years cookie exchange, we had guests from all over the world...America, Spain, Belgium, France, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Canada, United Kingdom and Romania.

                             Some of my international friends  (Photo credit:Heather Ratliff)

Check out the table. It was stocked full of delicious desserts and recipe cards to share.
  (Photo credit: Heather Ratliff)

I made toffee to share, and sure hope nobody broke a tooth on it. It's one of my favorite Christmas treats, but my dentist would probably scold me for eating it. There was apple bread, wedding cookies, peanut butter cookies, no bake oatmeal stacks, brownies, custard, gingerbread and so much more. I was stuffed by the end of the day, but was sure to bring a sampler home for NZ who always happens to miss out on the WIC fun. 

The kids had fun playing together. It has been fun to watch them all grow up, as this time last year they were just babies, and now we are all staring potty training and big kid beds down the barrel. Crazy how fast time flies.
                            Aiden, Sal and Dakota (photo credit: Heather Ratliff)

I had fun too. I love that we have so many events hosted in our complex, so it makes it easy to attend even while massively pregnant.

                             My friend Heather, me & Sal (photo credit: Heather Ratliff)

                                          Happy holidays to all! 

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