Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hazy shade of...

Pollution level is currently 353 in Wuxi and it's all of 8:00 am. This puts us in the severely polluted classification. 

All I can say is boooooooo!

Add to that the idiots behind us lighting off fireworks this morning...

I'm told it is because people are starting to fire up the coal for heat now that temps have dropped, but I don't know whether to believe it or not. 

This comes just one day after my water was shut off without notice and a load of laundry was ruined by the resulting brown water that ran out our pipes once it was turned back on. Management told us it was "safe" to use the tap after we ran the water through the pipes for a few minutes, but each time we turned it off and back on, it ran brown. 

That can't be good.

Thank goodness for bottled water!

Ahhhh, America (mainly Ventura county), I miss the hell out of you!


  1. We are spoiled here. When I was a child we had pollution from all the cars. Los angeles was worse than santa barbara. It burned your eyes and lungs. We use to play in tennis tournaments when it was like that. Thsnk you to the usa for improving car pollution and factory pollution. Sorry you mudt stay inside today.

  2. The things we take for granted, you know?

    My husband used to complain about the pollution in Southern California! To think just how different that is. Does it affect your heating/cooling? I imagine you wouldn't want to use either, right?

    I know you do, but I would feel totally trapped knowing the levels outside. For your toddler. For you, and for your baby... just sucks.