Tuesday, December 17, 2013

35 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I gained 2.2 kg since my last appointment to make up for the lack of weight gain from the previous visit. I guess all those cookies at the cookie exchange and my baby shower packed em on. I'm now up 32lbs, just shy of what I weighed while pregnant with Sal at this point. 

Maternity clothes? Baby, it's cold outside. Been wearing my steelers sweatpants, UGGS and Nick's sweatshirt most days.

Stretch marks? Still clear.

Sleep: Much better than last week. Thank goodness! 

Best moment this week: We had an impromptu ultrasound in which we got to see the girl last Saturday. My OB was worried about my cervix so she ordered an ultrasound to measure baby and predict size etc, in case she comes early. She weighed in at 2777 grams which is just about 5 lbs. 

Miss Anything? I miss being able to get up and down off the floor to play with Sal. We've watched way too many cartoons and played with the tozzle app from the comfort of the sofa more than I'd like to admit. 

Movement: Yes. With contortionist proportions. It's the creepiest feeling. Don't get me wrong, I love it...but it's creepy. 

Food cravings: crushed ice. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Chicken

Gender: Girl.

Labor Signs: My OB was concerned that my cervix may be shortening a bit prematurely, so she has asked me to slow down, and ordered me not to pick Sal up any more than necessary. Other than that, I'm feeling quite well. 

Symptoms: I feel very emotional. I feel exhausted. I feel overwhelmed. I feel anxious. I just want to know that we will make it to the hospital and have a safe birth. I'm not scared, just anxious. 

                    [my out-ish belly button debuted this week] 

Belly Button in or out? Out

Wedding rings on or off? On, barely.

Happy or Moody?: Both. Happy to still be pregnant and healthy, but I feel like I am short tempered. For instance, a lady cut in front of me and walked into NZ at the train station last week. She bumped my belly while doing so. NZ had stopped as the lady walked into him, and then tried to make it hard for her to get around us (she literally walked right into us trying to cut across the path we were walking), so she pushed me a little. I put both my hands on her to spin her around and yelled "look at my belly!" She obviously didn't understand and kept pushing so I yelled really loud (and according to Nick I tried to hit her!) "effing bi+ch!" . We really should be careful doing stuff like that in public here because as laowai, we are more apt to get jumped for public outbursts. I was just so angry that she didn't just wait til we had passed so she could change her direction, and for the fact she knocked my belly more than once. So yeah--my shoving match was not exactly exemplary citizenship. 

Looking forward to: Baking this baby a few weeks longer. 

A huge shoutout and Thankyou to Heather and Mimi this week for offering to watch Sal and for grocery shopping for us. I appreciate all the help, and I'm thankful for friends that will go the extra mile. These two have made it possible for me to take it easy and keep this kid safe inside a bit longer. 


  1. Adorable belly! And I probably would have punched the woman...that's just me though.