Sunday, December 29, 2013

37 weeks

How far: 37 weeks...Full Term! We freaking made it. I feel like I should give an Oscars-like speech to thank my friends and family and most of all husband for their support. There were many minutes, hours, days, and weeks I wondered if I would ever see full term again. I know it ain't over yet, but a little weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

                                 Holy belly. Happy to have hit 37 weeks.

Total weight gain/loss: 36 lbs 

Maternity clothes? Pajamas at home. Nicks jackets when I have to go out. I actually wore jeans and a cute shirt and scarf to the store today....I haven't given up completely.

Stretch marks? My belly is so itchy. I think I may have sprouted one on my underbelly so we shall see what it looks like once I can see south of the belly button again. 

Sleep: pregnancy insomnia has come back with a vengeance. I'm usually laying awake from 1:30-5:30 every morning. I tend to drift back to sleep as the alarm clock goes off. 

Best moment this week: Spending time with my son just reading books and counting everything in sight with him. He has recently started counting and is infatuated with reciting numbers. I am holding on tight to our one on one time, as I know that he will have to share me soon. 

Miss anything?: A cold beer on a Friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right. 

Movement: Yes. Some of it is getting painful. 

Food cravings: crushed ice. Still. Unfortunately, I doubt I will be given ice pellets while in labor. The Chinese tend to opt for hot water to keep the "internal fire" burning. I highly doubt the nurses will let the white lady extinguish her fire with ice. Plus, it's almost impossible to find here. Most soda in restaurants served from an unrefrigerated can. Mcd's is about the only place one can get ice in their drinks.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Every night after dinner I get sick to my stomach for a half hour or so.

Gender: Girl.

Labor signs: not really. Baby had a NST on Saturday and passed with flying colors. She still hasn't dropped, but is head down. My next appointment is in one week with a new OB. My OB is being sent to the USA next week so, she has passed me off to an American OB who happens to be the chef medical director of the hospital. I'm in good hands, but obviously sad that my OB will miss the birth. She really has been wonderful. Hopefully the new OB will agree to induce within the week as we had previously discussed with my regular one.

Symptoms: some sharp pains below my belly button, dry mouth, waddling

Belly Button in or out? Out

Wedding rings on or off? Back on this week. 

Happy or Moody?: Anxious. Especially with the curveball we were thrown at my last visit (learning that my OB will not be able to deliver for us). Happy though, to have the chance to hit full term and hopefully bring a healthy baby home soon.

Looking forward to: Meeting the new OB and having my sister arrive. Getting a delivery day on the books. It's possible that either NZ (1/9) or Sal (1/13) will be sharing a birthday with her. 


  1. You look great! And yea for full term! So close!

  2. I had no idea January was so popular in your family. Anxious and hopeful!