Sunday, December 15, 2013

Alcatrazed (al-ke-traz-ed) verb

Naptime and bedtime routines have always been the same, and rarely met with resistance. However, we've suddenly been experiencing some sleep issues for the last few weeks. Screaming at naptime to be rocked to sleep, and waking in the middle of the night ready to watch "Mickey" or throw a tall one (juice) back. 

While I stood my ground the first few days of the naptime meltdowns, I did cave and began rocking him to sleep. This lasted all of three weeks until this past Saturday when my OB laid down the law and said no more rocking unless I want the girl to come early. Today was my first day of being the naptime nazi with him, and after 10 minutes of maaaaaamaaaa maaaaaamaaaa and one return to his room to replace blankets thrown out in anger, he was out like a light. 


Nighttime has been sporadic. Nick has spent a few midnight hours comforting him when he wakes screaming bloody murder and has had luck getting him to go back to sleep on his own. I, on the other hand have been suckered into bringing a pillow and blanket in to lie crib side with him until he drifts off to dream again. I usually fall asleep next to him ( pregnancy is tiring!) and wake to hear him snoozing away. One night I covered my pillow with a blanket and went back to my bed, so if he woke  he'd think I was still there.

Last night as we heard Sal going ape$hit, I rolled over to get out of bed and told NZ, " see ya in the morning." 

He then says, " why don't you pull the Alcatraz on him?"

I waddled into Sal's room asking myself what the heck he was talking about----Alcatraz? 

     ( Sal waking up the morning after mama pulled " the Alcatraz")

But as I laid there with my pillow and blanket, and heard Sal snoozing away, I realized what he was talking about, and pulled " the Alcatraz". I covered my pillow with my blanket and made a clean escape to freedom just like the escapees at famous Alcatraz Island did many years ago.

One thing I love about my ol man is his sense of humor and one liners. They may not be PC but they always keep me laughing. 

He has now turned "the Alcatraz" into a verb, as in, " You alcatrazed him last night."

I sure did.

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  1. Clever Californians.

    As you know, we're dealing with our own transitions here (no potty training, but bed training, sure!) in hopes that 6 weeks from now will yield a baby to bring home... in hopes...

    I feel like Sal knows. These kids are so smart. I'm amazed everyday. Sal knows something is up and he wants attention and Mama and you guys to make sure you know he is your baby, too. I'm not a psychologist, but I SWEAR Benjamin has been more clingy than ever lately. Anything to do with my enormo belly and all that jazz? Maybe.

    But yeah, I empathize.