Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lil lady baby shower

I've mentioned a time or two before that the support network of fellow expats here is amazing. I have met many women through the Wuxi international Club that NZ and I joined our first week in Wuxi, and I have to say, we've created quite a village together.

From keeping each other's spare keys (for the inevitable lockouts that happen here), to group walks to Starbucks, to last minute babysitting, to cooking meals for housebound friends, there's always somebody doing something for somebody. This past week--the ladies gave me and our daughter-to-be a baby shower, hosted by Mimi and Heather, and attended by many. 

They chose a ladybug theme for the shower which was adorable. There was punch, a hot chocolate bar (they know I love me some hot cocoa!), cheesy dip and chips, ladybugs made from tomatoes and olives as well as funfetti cupcakes and cookies sent by my sister. 

We played games, chatted, and just enjoyed the afternoon together. 

Oh....and of course, I was spoiled with gifts.

It's really weird being over here in China, and pregnant. Things I looked forward to with my previous pregnancies have seemed to sort of slip by on us without much excitement or build up. We were caught off guard when we were told the sex of the baby four weeks before we expected it. There was no buildup of anticipation prior, because we really didn't think we would have an ultrasound that particular appointment. I didn't register (do people even register for second showers?) at babies r us or target or wherever American's register for baby showers now. I didn't sign up for Enfamil freebies. I haven't shopped to maternity clothes or baby clothes (thank goodness for hand me downs).

It's been all about getting from appointment to appointment without complications. There's less baby preparation excessiveness, I suppose. 

So, to have the women pull together a shower to make this pregnancy as special as it really is for us, really touched my heart. This baby is a miracle. I'm pretty sure all babies are miracles, but to have this one come much sooner after Sal than anticipated (based on our lackluster history of pregnancy successes) and so far be healthy and low risk in a risky country is really a miracle.

A huge thank you for all those who showed up to shower us with love. 

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