Thursday, December 26, 2013

2nd Christmas in China

                                                                Card by tinyprints

This year's Christmas was much more normal than last year's strange Chinese worker jackhammering out our shower at 8:30 Christmas morning fiasco which lasted all day and inevitably left us opening presents well past Sal's bedtime. This year, we slept a bit later than usual, and all woke together. Nick grabbed his camera and went to the living room so he could capture Sal's reaction to Santa's visit.

I'm not sure he really "gets it" yet. I mean, he went from thinking the Duck Dynasty patriarch was Santa on a CNN news story, to  later seeing a Chinese Santa at  Christmas Eve dinner. Poor kid has got  to be confused. He knows Santa has a beard, and that's about it.

NZ and I have given up gift giving to one another while here  to simplify life ( and to be honest, there is nothing here in China that either of us want), but we did receive many thoughtful gifts from overseas. Sal made out like a bandit, and enjoyed his Mickey ball and Duplos from Santa. He also got his very own clock-the kid has a love for clocks and watches. It's quite funny to see how excited he gets when he spots a clock somewhere. 

We are happy to have survived our second Christmas here in China, and even more excited that we only have one more left before we can go back to our friends and family in California. 

Next on our agenda is getting healthy (Sal and I are both sick this week), then getting through New Years, having my sister arrive, giving birth to our daughter, NZ's birthday and Sal's birthday....all before mid January.

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