Friday, February 17, 2012

TGIF & baby chub

I've never really been one to exclaim TGIF on Fridays, but I'm making an exception today.

...and boy, oh boy, do I ever mean THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!

Today marks the day that NZ returns from a week long overseas trip and gets to be re-united with our family.

I was lucky enough to have a few helping hands in the form of one of my besties, who flew down to stay a few days and finally meet Sal. I also had my sister and sister-in-law chipping in by stopping by to visit with us, allowing me some time to get household chores and errands done.

The week started off a real hot mess a bit rough, with Sal and I both getting hit by the recurrent thrush monster. We had it two weeks ago, treated it full course, and were both doing better, until his crankiness on Sunday night persuaded me to look in his mouth, only to find a white tongue AGAIN! Monday found us both starting another course of treatment, Nystatin for Sal, and a pill of Diflucan for me. Not sure what happened after that, but Sal was one unhappy baby for the next 48 hours. His poor little system was on overload and his belly hurt him really bad. It's a terrible feeling to see yoru baby hurt so bad, and beleive me, I tried everything I could think of ( or that was suggested to me) to help relieve his unsettled belly, but nothing seemed to work. He finally relieved himself Tuesday evening, and proceeded to turn back into the snuggly, cuddly baby I have come to know and love as my child.

Oh, and can I just jinx myself by bragging that he slept FIVE hours straight on Tuesday night? And again on Wednesday night? You can bet I was happy. Bright eyed and bushy tailed would be appropriate words to describe how I was feeling after those stretches of uninterupted sleep.

My sister and my sister in law both came to see us on Thursday after Jen left to head back north...

..and now it's Friday, and I am oh so happy to have NZ coming home to love on Sal's suddenly chubby little legs. Somehow, someway, he has filled out this week... growing out of many sleepers and onesies that fit as recently as last weekend. Although I don't want him to grow up too fast, I sure do love me some baby chub.


  1. Yay.. Dad is coming home today!!

    He is definitely growing & filling out...and getting stronger.

    So much fun watching him grow week by week

  2. so glad the thrush was short lived and your hubby is back!