Friday, February 10, 2012

Dancing the night away

Had I written this post 12 years ago, it'd be all about nights out with my friends, that usually ended up with a shoeless walk home following an evening of one too many cocktails and dancing our a$$es off to the likes of Britney, JaRule & our theme song by default, "One More Time".

A night out dancin' with the girls

Oh, those were the days.

But, my dancing skills have made an unexpected comeback.

And just as 12 years ago, I am back to dancing into the wee hours of the morning --but there is a stark contrast between dancing then and dancing now.

Let me compare....

  •  instead of high heels and short skirts, I'm sporting nursing tanks and pj pants.

  • instead of make-up and curled hair, I am rocking teeth that I may or may not have forgotten to brush before bed & hair that's been in the same ponytail since yesterday.

  •  instead of friends "calling the dinosaurs" after one too many drinks, I've got a milk drunk 3 week old who's spitting up on me. Sorta the same thing, right?

The Davis Graduate...Good times!

  • instead of a jam packed dance floor at the Grad or Cantina,my dance floor at home has endless space to bust a move without booty bopping someone off the table. ( Yes, we used to dance on tables..Gawd I miss Friday nights at the Grad)

  • instead of Britney, Xtina, Destiny's child and O-P-P yeah you know me! I'm now slow jam dancing to Pandora Radio's lullaby station..which means more Jack Johnson songs than anyone can handle.

But, one thing remains the same...

Just as I have stellar memories of nights spent dancing the night away with friends, I am sure that years from now, when Sal is grown up and a man in his own right, I will look back to these late night dance fussy-baby-to-sleep sessions with a smile on my face--wishing I could have another dance with him.


  1. Amazing what a difference 12 years makes.. and 12 years from now when he rather be hanging with his friends than snuggle we will say "I remember snuggling for hours with you when you were a baby..." or "I remember dancing with you in the wee hours of the morning..." oh how I miss those days


  2. Awwww Beautiful post Brie! Give baby Sal a snuggle for me please ;O)