Monday, February 13, 2012

1 month old

Where did the 1st month go?

Just this week he grew out of his first pair of pajamas...had his first babysitter (thank you sis!), and decided he is so over his papasan chair that has been my saving grace around the house, since it can be moved room to room with me. He wants nothing to do with it, cause you know--papasan chairs are for babies, mom!

He traded up to  a swing that his cousins are loaning him--they sure have spoiled him with clothes, baby items and the like. Sal has the hook ups to all things cool for kids. I am very gracious for all of the items we've been able to borrow.

I don't want to blink, cause I'm pretty sure when I open my eyes again he'll be a teenager.

Can we slow down time, starting now?

**p.s. if you're lovin' the blanket, check out the Coral Tree shop on etsy for many more adorable baby items. 90%of Sal's blankets, burp cloths and even my diaper bag are all Coral Tree items.


  1. He is so beautiful. Thankful for the time I'm getting to spend with you guys. He was very kind to me on our first babysitting session.


  2. Precious! My little man is 2.5 weeks and eats every 1-2.5 hours, 2-3oz at a time as well so I'm glad to read that! Seems like the blogs I read the babies are going 4 hours between feedings at 1 week old. I know this newborn time flies by but when sleep deprived it's good to know it's normal!

  3. Yep! The moment they come out it's like time moves in warp speed!

    He's adorable!

  4. Happy 1 Month! Brie he is too handsome!