Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mr. Valentine

My sister in law pinned a cute "Dapper Valentine" onesie over on pinterest a few weeks back, and I had every intention of re-creating it for Sal to wear on Valentines day along with his drivers cap that cousin Tritia and baby Wilson sent our way..
But of course,  the inability to get out of the house before noon time got the best of me, and I was forced to use what fabric I had on hand rather than peruse Joann's for some manly fabric to re-create the pinterest onesie.
As seen on pinterest
Source: via Charlee on Pinterest

Here's what I came up with. I found some red fabric with Valentine sentiments written on it in my fabric stash. I also pulled out a white newborn onesie that I just happened to have, and drew up a quick men's necktie template.

I'm looking forward to my little valentine wearing this next week. I have some houndstooth pants that I think will go with his necktie onesie and drives cap just perfectly!

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