Friday, May 8, 2009


Ahhh, what a week...glad that Friday is actually finally here and we survived!!
Nick was in St. Louis, MO for the beginning part of the week and with all his celebrity encounters in "the Lou", one might think his"there on business" explanation was a bit of an alibi. He and his co-worker were there for a trade show, and were able to catch a few Cardinal vs. Pirate games underneath the St. Louis arches. What could be better than a few ballgames after a long days work??
Nick will tell you...Celebrity sightings!

As the story goes, one night they ended up searching out a bar to watch the Laker game. They ended up walking into a bar, and the first person that he makes eye contact with was none other than Nelly, as in "It's gettin' hot in take off..all your clothes", Nelly. And if the Nelly-in-the-same-bar night wasn't enough, they also saw Lil' Kim in LAX as they waited for luggage. Watching "Dancing with the Stars" has really paid off... I am not sure either of us would recognize her had we not been watching this season of DWTS.
Usually after a week away, the first day back in the office is a long one..As in a " may as well pack a sleeping bag and a fresh change of underwear" kind of long day...But to my surprise, as I was on my way home today, he called and said that he too, was on his way home from the office!!! Today was perhaps the first time EVER that he has gotten off of work at a normal quitting time...Pure AWESOMENESS!
A week in St Louis had him itching for some salt water therapy, so we headed to Feria Beach this afternoon and he got in a nice surf session with his brother, and I was the snap happy wife with the camera...( OZ & NZ await a set, photo below)

Friday evening at the beach...It doesn't get any better than this!!

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