Thursday, May 14, 2009

I can't help but agree..

Today is Thursday.

Why's that so important, you ask?

In my world, it's People Magazine day!

My co worker and I look forward to Thursdays just for this reason, and although it doesn't come every Thursday ( sometimes we have to wait until Friday) we're always extra excited when we see our mail carrier come through the door with the latest issue.

Anyways, this week's cover is Kate Gosselin.

Initally I was thinking OMG, What a publicity lover.. capitilizing on her husband's alleged affair and late night shin digs at the bars. I was reluctant to want to read the article, but I did, and although I am not a fan of Kate's ( I hate how she berates John ), I can't help but to agree with many of the things she has said about their crumbling relationship.

It made me feel for her...

I know, I's only an alleged affair..he hasn't been tried and convicted of anything yet ( although a quick google search will bring up pretty damning evidence)..and she was soooo militant and unappreciative of him...but one thing that hit a chord with me and I can't agree that no matter what..She did not cause him to make the decisions he has made.

He's a grown man, and he made a decision. Sadly, from the interview done with Kate for People, it sounds as if it's been going on much longer than the February 6th photos that circulated. John has been telling her he is "unhappy" with things..There was a myriad of things he was "unhappy" about, and although there were surely options to improve his happiness, I think that he took the easy way out from responsibility.

Easy, but cowardly.

I'll eat my words if he can prove he was faithful to his wife..but coming from someone who has been in Kate's place, the way she speaks of John's personality changing rings all too familiar with the failure of my first marriage.. It's like there is a cheater's manual out there...So all you out there that have never been cheated on ( lucky you!) when your significant other tells you they are unhappy and has a laundry list of things they are unhappy about...chances are you can't change what they have already done...It's not YOU. It's them.

They'll blame you ( because it makes them feel justified) but honestly, they made the decision, not you...And yes, it affects you in a major way ( especially with 8 kids!) but I truely believe that once a cheater, always a cheater...

So, to end, I'm not rooting for Kate and John to split up, or stay together..but instead hoping for the sake of their kids they make the best decision for their family...and also, as much as I love my PEOPLE magazine, I'd love it if we don't hear another thing about the Gosselin family.

Let them resolve their issues in private.


  1. well said, my darling daughter, well said! I agree with you's tough enough when it's private but when it's all out there for the public to see and drool over all the sordid details...but then with media...they can make a harmless photo look so damning..time will tell.

  2. If this was facebook, I'd check the "Like" button! Well said. And can't wait to see you guys next weekend!!!!!! YAY!