Sunday, May 24, 2009

girls don't like dirt

Now that the office is almost completed ( we're just short closet doors), NZ took the opportunity to work outside this weekend. Better yet, our neighbor offered to help! We got super lucky in the neighbor department...if I do say so myself. It's more than just a "Hi, how are you" relationship with them...We borrow from them, they borrow from's sorta like an open door policy. We like that neighborly thing we've got going. Far too often you hear of people feuding with their a-hole neighbors...but, thankfully..that's not us. We like where we're at.

Anyhow, my neighborly love aside, I'm also diggin' the new location of our ramshackled shed ( previous owner "gifted" it to us..gee, thanks old man). I'm debating asking NZ if he thinks I would be able to give it a fresh coat of paint, a D.I.M. ( Do-it-myself) make over..I know, it's just a shed, but ick. It's brown and white. My girlfriends would understand, right ma'am??

NZ dug out the side of our hill, put in a retaining wall, leveled the ground and laid brick...Minus the hill digging, everything else was done today. He's a workhorse, dude. No one works harder than my ol man..

I of course, oversaw the whole thing while sitting out in the sun, enjoying some human interaction. After a week of being housebound anything else is exciting..Including watching other people work. Isn't that sad?

Anyhow, we've got about 150 feet more to dig out and repeat the retaining wall process...and I'm thinking, I'm going to be able bodied soon, so I am sure I will be put to work too..

But don't those silly boys know, girls don't like dirt..Not this one, at least.


  1. your mah likes to play in the DIRT.
    Nice job...that was a lot of work and looks like it was well worth it. Nice and tidy.

  2. It does look so tidy! And of course if sheds are paint-able you should DIY it! =) It'd be a fun project. Miss you and love you!