Sunday, May 3, 2009

Put a fork in it.

I'm done....
..Done with selecting the ever so non-important ( but important to me) crib bedding!

I've been back and forth on a few choices, and even the green light from granny to buy whatever my heart desired wasn't enough to get me to fork over close to $200 on sheets for a baby to inevitably barf, poop and pee all over....I couldn't do that to Granny...

So....With the help of my sister and her awesome Ebay skills, I finally went back to the set I had originally selected when pregnant in 2008. Thank goodness for overstocks and people trying to make a buck selling them on Ebay. It's amazing...the things you can find on Ebay..Endless, I tell ya.

Baby Z will definitely be her father's daughter sleeping in "surfer" themed bedding.

To add to the good news, I am sure NZ will be glad to have his wife back from internet- search- and- overanalyze-baby bedding- land...One decision down, many more to go, but at least this one is out of the way. It was a BIG process for me.

I've been fortunate enough to receive TONS of hand me downs from both of my sister-in-laws which are nearly new and surprisngly, fairly gender neutral ( they both had boys). So, since I am recycling many baby items, I figure I can have ONE thing that is exactly as I want it..and that's my baby girl's bedding.

Thank you to my sister Stephanie for helping me out today! Can't wait to see it all put together.

NEXT UP: managing to pull NZ away from his extracurriculars to make a pilgramage to Babies-R-Us to select a crib... Stay tuned...


  1. Love it...I think Nick will be pleased too and it will look great with the green walls.

  2. Crib bedding isn't on the top of his priority list..He'd be happy that i just finally made a decision. He is easy like that (=

  3. Glad you are happy Sis! Mark that one off your list.