Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spit happens....

..that's why I made these tonight.
I bought a 12 pack of cloth Gerber diapers from Target for a grand total of $17 and raided my mother in law's fabric stash ( which I barely made a dent, if any..the woman can shop for fabric..she's got her own little store in her closet) this afternoon during my lunch hour.
There is no way I can take credit for the cuteness of the idea..I got it off a blogspot blog link sent to me by my sister, and now I know why the instructions specify the need for straight lines and the use of one of those ugly green mats ( wish my mom still had hers!). However, crooked seams and all, I am still really impressed with my first few attempts at couture burpies for Baby Z. I mean, what baby wants to spit up all over a burp cloth that looks just like the one her best friend drooled all over yesterday. It's about equal to showing up at prom with the same dress, right?

I made two different kinds. Some were completely covered on one side with decorative fabric, but I made two lonesome souls with a strip of fabric down the center, to imitate the ones I had seen on the super cute burpie blogspot link.. I found it much easier to cut a 2" perimeter around the diaper and press edges than to try and get the strip of fabric for the center stripe ones straight, hence the fully covered burp cloths outnumbering the stripes.

There are still 6 more plain cloth diapers calling my name, but I think it's time for bed.
Between the Jesusita fire evacuations for my sister & dad's cousins in Santa Barbara, baking cuppycakes for a friend, cutting out and sewing burpies and my kitty trying to help out with the latter, I'm spent.

And for the belly watchers...Here's a photo taken last Sunday, one day short of 22 weeks.


  1. oh and cute belly too....hi granddaughter...whose name I do not know yet...I have a feeling that your nickname might be
    Baby Z

  2. Cute burp clothes. Glad you liked Feathered Nest's blog. She has some really great ideas on there.

  3. Oh yes..the bumper pad came.. it's perfect. I'll bring it to you this weekend