Thursday, May 21, 2009

18 lbs of pure lovin'

Alright, so maybe we feed our kitty the best brand of kitty good in fact, that we end up feeding the neighbor's cats, the raccoons and any other furry critter that happens to enjoy a good meal around here...

What's the problem in that, you ask?

Uhm, an 18 lb cat...that's the problem.

Beav loves his Felidae so much that he is officially 18 lbs of pure lovin'.

I found this out today when I received his veterinary report card. Unbelievable.

18 lbs, buddy!

Anyhow, the vet visit went alright. He's had a wound on his leg for a while, and we had been watching it, but when he started limping on Sunday we thought we ought to take him in to have it checked...Well, then a whirlwind of events happened the next 48 hours, and so finally, 3 days later, we got him into a vet to check it out.

Good news: No fracture in his leg.

Bad News: Cellulitis of the wound on his leg ( I am a terrible kitty parent!) requiring antibiotics...I can just see myself trying to chase him down 2x a day for his dosing..It was a circus this morning trying to get him into the carrier..Poor NZ went off to work wearing black cat fur on his shirt. Beav is also, surprisingly, OLD. He has some bridging of his back, which basically comes from age...So, he's also got some NSAIDS to alleviate the inflamation..

Sheesh, do they offer Medicare for kitties? If so, we need to jump on that program!

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  1. That's gonna be tough to medicate him 2x a day. Good luck!