Saturday, February 16, 2013


I had intended on taking some really cute Valentine themed pictures to celebrate Sal's 13th month, but his one-year-old molars put a dent in the plans. Poor kid has two molars and two incisors emerging all at once. He's a trooper, but his willingness to pose for mama to take ridiculous pictures is lacking.
Can't say I blame him.
Aside from cutting teeth, he is getting more and more confident with walking, however, we still can't claim that he "walks". He can, he just doesn't.
Instead, he prefers to crawl on all fours with speed that would put Jeff Gordon or any other NASCAR driver to shame. The kid has wheels! He has also perfected this one legged scoot as pictured below. It's the cutest darned thing and he does it all the time.
Who needs to walk when you can scoot like me?
When he isn't crawling or scooting, he's furniture moving.
All. Day. Long.
Twenty bucks says that his college job is working for Meathead Movers. As I've blogged before, I think our neighbors are counting down the days til he gets over his chair moving infatuation.

Mama, Why I can't move furniture inside?
And when he isn't moving chairs, he's climbing. He has mastered the sofa, the patio chairs, and now the window seat in our bedroom. I know the day is coming when he will show up at our bedside after climbing out of his crib.

Breakdancing? Yoga?
Nope. Climbing up mom and dad's window seat.

It's been really cold here, and our household just rotated through illnesses, so the month of January found us indoors most of the time. We tried some easy toddler art projects--some with success, others--not so much. My favorite activity was blue crayon eating. I know I should have been stern, but that big blue toothy grin just melted my heart.

Ziploc mess free painting
Sal is still a great eater, polishing off half of a filet mignon, devouring eggs for breakfast and our little lefty is getting some hand control with the spoon.  Wuxi finally has strawberries and tangerines, and he LOVES both. He'd eat his weight in tangerines if we'd let him. He has mastered the sport top sippy cups, and now drinks milk. We're still doing nap time and bedtime bottles, but hope to transition out of bottles altogether in the next month or two.

He has started to transition out of the morning nap, which makes me a little sad ( I'll have to change my workout/shower routine), but he has exchanged it for a long afternoon nap, so I really shouldn't complain. Some mornings he still needs that morning snooze, but I foresee those coming to an end really really soon.

New words this month are "Uh oh" and something that sounds like " Duuuuuude" which cracks me up. He says it all the time. Guess that just proves that you can take the boy out of California but you can't take California out of the boy.

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