Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chun Jie

By the sound of the fireworks outside our window right now ( it's 7:45p on Saturday night), the celebration of the Lunar New Year has officially begun.

front row seats on the 25th floor

NZ is off this next week for Chun Jie, as it is a government approved holiday week. It will be nice to have him home, although we don't have our driver at our disposal this week, as he is with family, enjoying the holiday. We've been told to expect the new District, where we live, to be a bit deserted ( you won't hear us complain!), and that many restaurants and shops will close for a few days.
NZ picks a line. We always pick the slowest one!

We stocked up at the local super megastore earlier this week, and man it was a zoo! This morning we walked to the produce market and many vendors had already closed down for holiday. Thankfully, our fruit lady was open, so we stocked Sal up on his fruit of the week--cutie tangerines. That boy eats so many tangerines he might just turn orange! Heaven forbid he go a few days without his beloved cuties.
fireworks stand by the produce market

As for our plans while NZ is off?


Well, not exactly nada.

We plan some long leisurely walks once the weather warms up ( it should get warmer as the week progresses--we had snow and -5c yesterday), and I plan on continuing my 30 day shred video ( I'm on day 15/30) and might just get NZ to try it with me. We're hoping to grab some noodles with friends, and just enjoy having time to do nothing.

Maybe next year we will leave the firework madness of Chinese New Year, and holiday somewhere where we can get sand between our toes, saltwater in our eyes and a real good tan.

Did I just describe California?

Why yes, I think I did.

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  1. I think you did describe California. ;) As I sit here in freezing weather with snow on the ground, I agree with that sentiment.

    Good job on being 50% done with the Shred! I was wondering if you continued since you guys were a bit sick over there.

    And... I totally thought of you because I knew Chinese New Year was approaching. I bet that was a crazy experience. I'm so glad NZ is home with you for a nice, long week. I bet that will be quite relaxing.