Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dora speaks Chinese

I've been sicker than I've been In along long time since Friday night. I'm thankful that NZ has been home over the weekend to tend to the boy, as I was in no condition to do so until late yesterday afternoon. We woke this morning, and I could tell he was still worried about leaving me alone with the boy while he heads to work- but, I think I am on the mend..just slow.

Anyways, we don't let Sal watch tv, or haven't really, yet. But with my reaction time still being a bit slow, and hoping to have a nice easy morning, I turned on Nickelodeon for the first time.

And guess what?

Our Dora the explorer speaks three languages! Move over NiHao Kailan! Dora's trilingual. Bowl cut girl speaks Chinese, Spanish and English. Our Dora program is dubbed in Chinese and she teaches the kids Spanish. If we couldn't confuse our poor kid anymore, lol.

It gave a me a good laugh this morning, which I could definitely use.