Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Recap:30 day shred

It took a week longer than planned but I finally completed all thirty days of the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred video...and boy am I ripped.

Just kidding.

I did finish it, but am definitely not ripped.

Nothing works that quickly or easily when you've got four years of laxidazical (yes that's a word) workouts, four pregnancies and one full term baby under your belt. I'm no fool.

Good things, and permanent change...take time. I'm still a rockstar..just undercover.

And for the record, Anita is just as much of a rockstar as Natalie.

I am happy with my results. I managed to exercise at least five days a week, carving out a half hour of my day just for ME. Who cares that my half hour sometimes meant that I got a workout in but no shower? It felt good to commit to something for myself again.

I love goals.

I love setting them, working toward them and most importantly, reaching them.

Best drug on earth.

The "in the mirror"results weighed in with a 1.5kg loss and a about 12 cm overall. Not too shabby for what I considered a totally do-able, fairly easy workout. Did I mention that my "weights" were 12oz water bottles? Yeah, they didn't exactly count as weights, but I worked with what I had. The physical changes have really amped my desire to continue to clean up my diet, and I crave the endorphin rush on a daily basis again. I always know that once I get going, it will make my day sooo much better. I had missed the workout high, and I am happy to welcome it back into my life.

Would I recommend this workout to friends and family?


I haaaated the second tier workouts, days 11-20 could just suck it ( lunge overload), but compared to the p90x workouts I've done in the past, they were survivable. The most important part of any exercise regimen is just sticking with it.

Up next...

..round 2...

Yep, I'm gonna suffer through her commentary for another thirty days.

I might even rope my ol man into giving it a try with me.

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  1. You're doing it again??? Wowzers. You are amazing.

    I hated the 2nd tier as well-- there was way too much going on at ground level. I thought the 3rd tier was decent.

    Way to stick with it!