Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kickin it off with a bang

Today is Saturday.

And as with most holiday weeks, this means that NZ headed back to the office today, to make up for the time he and his employees had off to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The fireworks around our apartment building have finally slowed down, and I can't say I miss them.

We've had enough fireworks to last us many many years, and there's a good possibilty that next Chun Jie, the Zentil's of Wuxi will not be in Wuxi. Yep--we may skip town like everyone else, and holiday somewhere where fireworks are illegal. Our poor cat. I think I swept up a coat's worth of fur this last week. Where's my ayi when I need her? On holiday of course. Fireworks and thirteen year old cats do not mix. We owe him many sweet snuggles when he finally emerges from his bunker behind our bed.

With the beginning of the New Year over here, and today being the first day back to work for many companies, it's customary to you guessed it, light fireworks. The fireworks symbolize the hope for a prosperous New Year, with good fortune for the business.

take a look at all them 'crackers!

Light em up
group effort. Even the driver is lighting some
Here are the fireworks that NZ's company set off this morning upon arrival to the office.  May this year be full of prosperity and good business!

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