Sunday, February 17, 2013

Don't call me buddy

I'm currently 20 days Into Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout video. When I began the workout series, I thought that 30 days would fly by. I'd be done with it in no time....but sickness took over our house, paired with a couple days of laziness over Chun Jie, and well, my thirty days is just gonna take a little longer than thirty days should. Besides, who wants to workout 30 days straight with no recovery days?

Maybe jillian, but not this girl.

So, how's it going 20 days in?

I hurt. My knees hurt. I hate when Jillian calls me "buddy". I'm not her buddy. if she only knew how many f bombs I spew her way during our twenty minutes together. I hate lunges and plank positions. I do them because I'm a rule follower. If I had an ounce of rebelliousness in me, I can assure you, I would not be doing lunges-ever. But, I curse my way through them because I want to see results and not have any excuses at the end of the program for why it didn't work.

I just thank God that we live in a high enough up that no neighboring buildings can see me. Cause my workout attire is so unattractive. No lululemon and matching pink sneakers here. We're talking barefeet, underwear and oversized T shirts, cause who wants to see their belly bulge while doing sit ups? I like to hide mine, thanks.

Anyways, I do feel stronger than before I started. I can do standard push-ups again. A lot of them. In a row. When I started twenty days ago, I was humbled by barely being able to do "girl" push-ups. Never, ever did I see myself ever doing girl push-ups in my lifetime. Ever. But, for the first week, that's what I had to do to get through the first tier of her video. By week two guess who was doing standard "boy" push-ups?

Yep. Me.

Guess what else? The cardio portion of the video series has also gotten my endurance back to a decent level. I did a gym workout last weekend and put some time in on the treadmill. I was amazed that I was able to run ten minute miles. Yes, miles...plural. For a non-runner like me, that was a major effing deal. Sign me up for a marathon (okay, that's a little ambitious, but you get my point).

It felt awesome.

I feel awesome.

No matter what my final results are on day thirty, whether I've lost weight, or any inches, I am proud of myself for committing to something for myself and carrying it out until the end.

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  1. You're doing amazing! I can also do way more situps and pushups than I have in ages.

    I was SO over her talking after 30 days. It got to the point where we would turn the volume off!