Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cabin fever

It's been great having NZ home this week. Sweats have been the norm--we've really only ventured out a couple of times due to the weather. We've caught up on some Deadliest Catch episodes that finally downloaded (one episode took FOUR days to download due to slooooow Internet connections), finished Parks and Rec and are darn near done with United States of be honest, we watch wayyy too much tv here. Way more than ever before.

There's not a whole lot more for us to do.

Our hobbies back home aren't really compatible with our life here.

Surfing requires and ocean. Or at the very least, clean water and a swell. Sewing requires a sewing machine...which I could buy here but quilting fabric is not readily available anywhere near me. So, it just doesn't make sense to buy a sewing machine if I have no access to materials to sew. We both enjoy cooking, which is the one thing we've been able to continue to do while here. Ingredients are few and far between, so we can't get too fancy (still looking for Italian sausage), but we have managed to make many things like bagels and tortillas that are either not available to us, or too expensive to reason buying.

We stay home a lot. Most of the time we enjoy not having anything on the agenda, but after weeks like these, where we have unfavorable weather and limited access to a vehicle we end up with a mad case of cabin fever.

We fixed that today with a call to our driver, and a trip to HongMei market (we call it "stuff mart") to buy Sal a few new toys. After upgrading his collection with a few big boy toys, we enjoyed brick oven pizzas at one of our favorite expat restaurants.

A day out with my boys was just what the Doctor ordered.

Happy Valentines, all!

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