Friday, July 20, 2012

Swollen Heart

I woke up to an email from one of my BFF's this morning which made my eyes fill with tears, and heart swell with gratitude.

12x12 blankets for Preemie Prints

When I emailed earlier, I forgot that I had other good news to share. It is news of a completed project, although I can't take credit for finishing it. My mom helped a lot. Back when Denise was born, you blogged about preemie blankets. I remember going right to JoAnn to shop for the project, I found adorable fabric and started sewing, J. came over to help one night -- we made a few, but didn't manage to put a dent in the fabric supply I'd planned. Then the project got put on hold due to sewing machine issues and my lack of true sewing skills. My mom finished our project last month, and she sent a whole pile of mini-blankets to Preemie Prints in Texas, in memory of Denise. The blankets turned out beautifully -- they're so soft and pretty, with just tiny tiny prints on them. Picture of a few is attached.

Lots of love, S. "

To see that people still think of, and do things in memory of Denise makes me feel an overwhelming sense of love and support, despite her having been gone 3 years. Millions of families are affected by premature births, and the need for these blankets will always be there. Here's a link to my original post, for anyone feeling crafty and charitable.

EDIT: Three days after originally posting, I received a link in my inbox worth watching. My college roommate/teammate/BFF, Dawn, and her MOMS club in Spring, Texas were featured on the local news for the itty bitty blankets that they had all made and donated. Again, I am touched, and feel so much gratitude towards the efforts made to help grieving families feel the love.

Here's the link to the news coverage...

Thank you Mac!

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  1. That is so beautiful. What wonderful friends to do that for your firstborn.