Monday, July 2, 2012

US Olympic Trials

June 2012. Olympic trials. Gymnastics. San Jose.

It was on my calendar and I was soooooo going to be there.

Made preliminary plans to meet up for a mini reunion of sorts with many of my former UCDavis Aggie teammates to watch history go down.

And then....

We moved.

To China.

And so the story goes that I did not get to attend the Olympic trials (which occured this weekend) this year, as I had looked forward to for the past year and a half. 

I'm very thankful for my friend/former teammate/roommate who kept me up to date with the results, as even those have been difficult to come by over here. I'm thrilled with the men's team selection, and also very excited for Gabi Douglas for not only making the women's Olympic team, but for coming into her own, peaking right on time and eclipsing Jordyn Weiber who hasn't lost a u.s. all around title since 2008 for the top berth. She's that feel-good Olympic story that I think will win hearts across the world, and her gymnastics is not only top notch, but she has the entertainment factor that is rarely seen in female gymnasts anymore. 

This is the first time since arriving to Wuxi that I have really missed home. Did I mention, I reaaaaallly wanted to go to trials? 

Just as I sat in my living room at 1:00a to watch the Beijing  Olympic coverage 4 years ago, I'll be staying up late again to watch the London games and cheering on team USA from China. I can't wait! 

I have Olympic fever.


On a bright note, the 2015 world championships will be held in Naning, China and I already told NZ that we're going. That will more than make up for missing trials. Three years and counting....

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