Friday, July 6, 2012

Mystery package

There are a few shopping websites that we have been told about by our peers. Of course, I love shopping, so I had to check them out. I've been a taobao(dot)com junkie for the past month, searching for items that I've not been able to find in stores here in Wuxi. At one point, NZ tried to set up an account so we could purchase some tamp  er, personal care items THAT DO NOT EXIST IN CHINA AND CHINESE WOMEN ARE CAH-RAZY FOR NOT USING THEM! for me, and I also wanted to get some mesh fresh food feeders for Sal, since he loves gnawing on frozen bananas and avocado through them.

I also looked at baby care items, like strollers and highchairs to see what's available here. Sal has been being lap fed, or propped on his boppy pillow, and it's not cutting it at meal time anymore. He's a squirmy little sucker. I looked at Bumbo chairs, clip on high chairs, space saver high chairs and the like, and couldn't decide what to buy.

In my quest to minimalize our posessions, I am looking for items ( especially baby items) that can serve more than one function, or can be grown into. The last thing I want to face three years from now, is having to sell or give away a ton of baby items we used for all of 3 or 4 months. I was spoiled back home by being able to borrow items from Sal's cousins. We returned them prior to our move, and I admit--I miss some of those luxuries! Namely, the baby bathtub and the swing! The swing doubled as a feeding chair during it's borrowed use. Not while in motion, of course. That would have been realllllly messy.

Yesterday, NZ got help from our tranlator in finishing out the registration process so we could buy things off taobao. I emailed him links to the tampo personal care items and the mesh food feeders I wanted to buy. He came home telling me that the order was successful, and we should expect them in a few days.

Anyways, in the ongoing saga of my taking-forever-to-get-here iPhone, we saw that after 2 weeks in Shanghai customs, it's finally made its trek to Wuxi via UPS. Surely it would arrive today, right?

Our intercom system rang at about 9:30a this morning, and I could tell from my video monitor that it was the delivery man.

YES! My phone!


A box of the above mentioned personal care items--but not the brand I had asked for. But, you know when you're desperate, any brand will do. I had brought over a couple of months stock, just in case, figuring that it was overkill, because surely they would have tam--ns here, because what woman doesn't use them? but they really don't exisit, like, at all in the stores. Seriously.

I thought it was weird that they weren't the brand we had ordered, but whatever.

Then around 3:00p today, we got rung again. I looked at the monitor. Delivery man.

My iPhone?


Instead, we received a big ol box.

What the?! My mesh feeders? In a box that big? But then again, this is China, and things don't always make sense. Maybe the box does contain my feeders.

But inside the box was a knock off BUMBO chair.

Yes, the bib says" I watch the Baltimore Ravens with my daddy".
Huh?! We didn't order that....and where the heck are my mesh feeders? How'd we get this?

We think we figured it out. Since I had browsed the items we received in the past, I must have somehow saved them in a cart ( unknowingly--obviously...the whole site is in characters). When NZ purchased the items from the links I sent, he also purchased whatever was in the cart that I had browsed.

He tried to look up the transaction history to see what else we may have unknowingly purchased, and well....all he can tell is the RMB amount we spent. Which, is about the equivalent of $60 USD..So I couldn't have gotten in that much trouble...but, today's delivery might not be the last of the surprises.

I'm going to lose sleep tonight over what the delivery man might bring tomorrow.

But, I guess we lucked out, cause Sal seems to love his new throne.

Gee, thanks mah, You shouldn't have!

mmm, nectarine..sooo good once it hits my lips!

We decided that although a mistake, the BUMBO-like chair was the right choice for us. He can sit up in it. It is mobile and light weight and he can eat in it.

But for now, his mama is going to stay away from taobao until we figure out what else she spent dad's money on.


  1. this is hilarious! May have been the perfect item that you needed and Sal does seem mighty happy in it.

  2. He looks like he loves his Bumbo, now maybe he can Skype with me sitting up!

  3. He is soooo cute! We loved the bumbo! Just be sure you never use it on the table or counter. We saw a baby tip one over at a restaurant one time and land on her head!!! So scary!

    Love your blog!