Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July to everybody back home!

Here in Wuxi, they've been lighting off fireworks every single day since our arrival. I like to pretend they are giving America a birthday month (just as my friends and I would claim birthday months, which later slowed down to birthday weeks as we got older, and then eventually, we remember that yesterday WAS our birthday, lol).

Our balcony seat view to fireworks
The picture above was taken 2 nights ago, around 6:30p, while the masses were walking on the greenbelt below our building. Right in the center veranda, a man lit off a million fireworks. IN THE MIDDLE OF EXERCISE HOUR! WITH LIKE A BILLION PEOPLE WALKING!!! No one flinched, except for us, up on the 25th floor. We shot off the couch like a bolt of lightening.

I grabbed the camera and we watched in amazement from our balcony as schrapnel came up towards our windows.

Best seats in the house.

Wuxi walks in Wuxi.
As for our actual 4th, we met up with a few ladies  from our complex for breakfast, and then NZ went to work. Yep. Work. On the 4th. Something is wrong with that. LOL. Sal and I were treated to a little tour of our neighborhood by our new friends, &Wuxi (the cutest dog on earth) .

Buying produce
 I learned where to buy the best cereal, fruits and veggies (without going to an import market), and where the best dumpling restaurant in Wuxi was located. It felt good to get out and explore, and I am getting my bearings as far as feeling more confident in venturing out on my own. It was sweltering this morning. I have no idea what the temperature was--it really didn't matter--it's the humidity. Texas heat/humidity ain't got nothing on Wuxi!

Sal was less than impressed with the heat.

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