Thursday, July 12, 2012

SIX months old

Yay! I'm 6 months old!

Mom & Dad can't believe it!

Oh mama, enough with the pictures!

It's hard to believe that 6 months have passed since delivering Salvatore. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday, and others, it's hard to remember what it was like to have a newborn. I'd almost forgotten what those first few weeks were like, and thinking I'm ready to do it all again....that was, until the past few nights when Sal so kindly decided to be up every 3 hours or so. I'm not sure what it is, but I think we might have the trifecta of growing, gas and teething to blame.

I've been putting frozen fruit in his mesh teether and he just goes to town on it. Add to the fact that fruit over here is to die for, and well, his mama might have let him have too much nectarines this week. Tummy troubles kept him up well past bedtime a few nights. Lesson learned.

I think my favorite thing he's started to do ( well, most of the time anyways), is his pterodactyl shriek. He sounds like a bird/dinosaur and does it whenever he is excited. Sometimes we put him down for bed, and he will just do the pterodactyl till he tires himself out. It's not a cry, it's a happy little scream. Remind me in a month that I claimed to "like" it in this post. Haha.

Sal can get up on all fours, but has no idea what to do next. His attempts at crawling end there. Or on his face. Or about 3 feet behind the toys he was aiming for. He scoots backwards right now, but I have a feeling he will get those arms and legs moving together and take off pretty soon.

He got a BUMBO chair, and seems to like sitting up in it to eat. I have balanced him a few times to sit on his own, but he topples over with the slightest breeze. I know some kids crawl before they sit, so he will do it on his own time.

 We met some new friends and moms that are all expats over here and attended a playgroup for the first time. I'm looking forward to going to more and giving him a chance to interact with other kids near his age. It will be nice for him to have "friends" to play with as he ages, and it's nice for me to be able to hang out with a group of nice ladies.


  1. he is so photogenic. I love the photo sequence with him saying No more MOM!

  2. He's abolutely adorable!!:) Yay for meeting more moms and having a playgroup!!!!